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Adora 6 yrs old!..On the BMX track built around her Sand Box
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June 2003...Adoras new car see slide show/photo gallery

June21, 2003 UPDATE Sorry, No Photos. Other than work Adora DOES still play 18/U softball, Today the SILVER SLUGGERS WON the
Maine ASA REGIONAL Qualifier to earn a trip to TEXAS for the ASA 18/U Fast Pitch Nationals...KUDOS ADORA and Sluggers!!

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This AMAZING photo shows a talented little girl! Adora raced BMX from age 3...(Learning to
ride a 2 wheeler w/o training wheels at 2.5 yrs old.) Till she was 7 yrs old.
She finsihed as high as 5th nationally for Boys and Girls 7+under.
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Adora started skiing at 18mo's!
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Realizing that we missed a year with her older brother Keegan, we took Adora at least 30 times skiing at 18 months. Tux also marketed and sold the Ski Harness as a great way to "control" the skier. Ski areas didn't go for said, "the skier can't learn unless they follow", Tux said, "Sorry we teach our kids to be leaders". It was obvious by age 6 when the NASTAR results came out who was right! 3 Burke kids and 7 National Champs by age 6!
Adora pitched 5 complete games on the weekend as the Maine CHICadees won the state title. Just prior to summer Adora (7th grade) helped lead her JR High Softball Team to an IMPRESSIVE undefeated season! She followed that up by doing it again in 8th grade....and as a HS Sophmore helped lead her HS team to it's first undefeated MAISAD STATE Championship. Last year they won MAISAD States with one loss!
Age 8 Adora wins National Dance GOLD
It looked like at age 8 Adora was going to be in Gymnastics Olympics...she still might???
Adora Age 3 On Agony@Sunday River.
Getting big air Adora has her Head Set on so she can talk to Dad + Mom while skiing.
Not your typical girl...Daddy's Little girl!
"Home Improvements" to Adora's dad meant super charging the battery operated truck! Adora drove that truck in 15 or more parades and Keegan was on local TV "Daves People" with it doing cookies! Ohhh ya Adora could Cookie too...!
<-Adora at age 2 1/2 in Aspen
Always smiling...unless she didn't get her way...She still smiles alot!
Adora SCORES! 2000 MAISAD Champions! ->
Adora scores on the corner kick!! This was against either CVA or Hebron...
2001 MAIDSAD Champions. That's 2 in a ROW!
Gould Academy has lost only one game in the past 2 years on it's way to it's 2nd MAISAD Championship.
What does a HR Swing look like?
Summer 2001 Adora batted over .500 for the season in over 6 tourney's.
Silver Sluggers Win Barbara Hamilton Tourney
Adora is one of the BEST pitchers...especially when you consider fielding the position! The Silver sluggers coach "Charlie" said " Adora makes alot happen on the infield"!
A Spring Day of Skiing! (Age15)--->
Adora loves to spring ski, the jumps are big, the snow soft and temps in the 40'-50's.
<---2001 Adora was MAINE's #1 J-2 Racer
Based on MARA points! She also finished as Gould Academy's #1 girl racer...Kudo's to Adora. Adora and Keegan won the $1,500 Mountain Bike for being the MARA Points Champion, donated by Hilltop Bike + Ski of Manchester Maine

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